Summer Camp
Summer June 26th - September 1st

Immerse this summer in Vall Parc!

We have the perfect plan for all children and young people who want to enjoy sports and an unforgettable summer. We’re opening the doors to the Summer Campus and Intensive Program, where the goal is to enhance our skills in tennis and paddle tennis during a few thrilling weeks.


Multi-Sport Campus

An ideal program for children to get started in the world of paddle tennis and tennis. We have designed a program to make the learning experience engaging and motivating for the kids. We know that the little ones have a lot of energy, so they will also enjoy special activities like water inflatables or field trips. Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment where children can interact, make new friends, and learn new skills. It’s a unique opportunity for your child to enjoy, learn, and grow in a stimulating and energetic atmosphere.

Tennis Stage

Designed for youths aged 7 and above, this course focuses on developing and improving players’ technical skills through physical training to enhance their fitness level.
Our highly qualified coaches will oversee the intensive activities, guiding participants to reach their best potential.
It’s an opportunity to break away from the daily routine and enjoy the outdoors while connecting with other tennis enthusiasts. Don’t miss the chance for your child to unlock their full potential in this racquet sport!


Paddle Stage

The paddle tennis intensive is for children and youths aged 7 and above. The course focuses on refining players’ technique and tactics, complemented by some physical training to enhance fitness.
It’s ideal for those young players who have already had some prior paddle tennis experience and wish to further develop and improve in this racquet sport. The activities of the stage will be guided by our highly qualified coaches.

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