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Lunes-Domingo: de 6:30 – 0:30

Opened 365 Days 6:30 t0 24:00

25 of June to 2 of August

¡Return the excitingt
Summer Campus!

¡Immerse yourself in a summer full of adventures, excursions, and above all, a lot of sport!

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Tenis’s intensity challenges young people to improve and overcome themselves! Dynamic Tenis classes with qualified coaches. Team games, competitions, technical and tactical training
  • Age 6-17 years
  • Sport Tenis
  • Groups are adapted by levels
  • Schedule Halfway (9:00-13:00) or Complete (9:00-17:00)

A sport that young people love! Very competitive, where young people learn to play as a team and overcome each other day. 
The coaches will accompany the players in this process through very exciting games and activities!

  • Age 6-17 years
  • Sport Paddle
  • Groups are adapted by levels
  • Schedule Halfway (9:00-13:00) or Complete (9:00-17:00)

A program with a mix of everything! Dedicated especially for the little ones who have not yet had contact with racket. It is a program that transmits the passion for sport to the racket, we put a lot of enthusiasm because they have a great time!

  • Age 6-17 years
  • Sport Multisport
  • Groups are adapted by levels
  • Schedule Halfway (9:00-13:00) or Complete (9:00-17:00)
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Available dates

all the weeks that are available

Setmana 1Juny
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Del 25 al 28 de Juny
Setmana 2Juliol
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Del 1 al 5 de Juliol
Setmana 3Juliol
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Del 8 al 12 de Juliol
Setmana 4Juliol
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Del 15 al 19 de Juliol
Setmana 5Juliol
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Del 22 al 26 deJuliol
Setmana 6Juliol-Agost
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Del 29 deJuliol al 2 de Agost

Day by day

Each program specializes in a sport. On the Campus we are dedicated to perfecting the technique and tactics of the players. We challenge players with games that have to overcome day after day.

We promote team sport and cooperation. Children will learn to play as a team while forging new friendships.

Dynamic and fun games. We love to surprise children with some fun activity!

Federated trainers

All coaches are federated in tennis or paddle. We guarantee the highest quality and learning for your children.

Transport and Welcome Service

We offer Transport Service and Welcome Service to receive your children.

Big Discounts 

Our Campus has the best discounts and we allow the flexibility of the payment.

Lunch and Snack

Food healthy day by day with home cooking with delicious menus.


Here you can see all the discounts we offer.

Week Discount

For every week you contract you will have a higher discount.
For example: if you contract a Padel Campus or Tenis and reservations for 2 weeks you will have a discount of €40 and if you contract a third would be €90.

Discount by early reservation

For Anticipate Reservation: If you book until May 31 you will benefit from the best discount (10% less).

Discount for Brotherhoods

Additional 5% discount for each registered brother.

Unbreakable by Client Type

We offer discount for :

  • Former Client:If you have ever participated in the Campus you will benefit from the 10% discount
  • Club members: Members have a large discount of 15%.
  • New Clients:If it is your first time on the Campus you will have a 5% discount

Available Programs

Multiesport Campus

From 145€/week

The Multisport Campus is a program designed for those children who have not yet had contact in paddle and tennis.

What's included

or if you prefer

Paddle Campus


The Padel Campus is a program dedicated exclusively to improving daily paddle level.

What's included

or if you prefer

Tenis Campus


The Tenis Campus is a program dedicated exclusively to improving the level of tennis every day.

What's included

or if you prefer

Frequently asked questions

You can pay in instalments or make a single payment. Both options guarantee the registration of the Campus.

  • Pyment in instalments: it allows you to pay 25% of the registration and we give you the flexibility to complete the payment up to 15 days before starting the Campus.
  • Single payment: pay for registration in a single payment (transfer or payment by card).

With the discounts you can save a lot on the Campus. 
You can check and simulate prices in less than 2 minutes.

Simulate Prrice

The Club is committed to offering maximum security for your children.

  • The coaches are qualified and with great experience.
  • In the pool there is a qualified lifeguard who guarantees safety in the water.
  • We offer free reception service and urgent care for any type of need.

The Club offers the complete facilities, but there is a material that you will have to bring with you to enjoy the Campus experience.

  • Racket or Pala to play.
  • Sports clothes and comfort. 
  • Sand
  • Sunburn
  • Water, breakfast and snack.

Excursions and outings are held on Fridays.
If your children prefer not to go on the excursion, our coordinators prepare activities within the Club as an alternative to departures.

answer in less than 24 hours


Promoción Junio

Es el mejor momento para cambiar tu rutina.
Da el salto y disfruta del deporte relacionándote con un entorno que vive tu misma pasión.

Estamos Creciendo

Este año será realmente especial. Estamos ampliando nuestras instalaciones y nos hace ilusión compartir estos avances contigo.

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